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Meet our team!

Matthew Heysel

Board member

Devere Brayan

board member & Director

Mohsen Kachooee

MENA OPerations

Our Story

Gate2Pay started as an evolution of Live Card and Payment Services LTD PTE (Singapore) and its mission. Our founding team has decades of experience in the fintech space. Now, more than a decade later, and Gate2Pay has put together a team of industry luminaries with an unwavering mission. A mission informed by perspectives from a wide array of different markets. Our focus is a determined one: localized payment options and e-money solutions. Since its inception GatePay has forged many relationships and partnerships across the globe. Hence the saying, “think locally, act globally!”

How it works

We deploy our network of partners and associates in the various regions we are active in to best provide the solutions our clients require. At the same time, our technical team implements the necessary measures ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Whether that be implementing our Cash2Pay service in a region where cash payments are the norm to allow users to shop online and pay bills at our collection points, or a travel card with all manners of benefits on local networks for tourists. Our goal is to deliver the best solutions for our clients and partners’ needs.








Our Offices Around the World

Live Card and Payment Services Singapore

As the parent company of Gate2Pay, Live Card and Payment Services Singapore has always been about offering the best payment solutions in Singapore and neighboring regions. Having the right expertise and capabilities, we can accommodate every business no matter the size. With a rich heritage, history of global projects, and a strong financial position, Live has certainly become a major player in the fintech and payment solutions sector. We are a world-class leader in information tech and payment processing solutions, while also being an accountable, flexible, and objective partner.

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