Imagine you want to buy something from an online shop, but you don’t have access to a credit card. You’re either too young to own one, or you’re on a trip on a foreign country where the cards you own aren’t acceptable. Now instead of asking someone to lend you their card information, there is another solution for you and guess what? It’s really simple!

What is Cash2Pay?

Cash2Pay is a simple coding system that allows a person with cash to make purchases online that would require a bank card. Through local transaction points, people exchange their cash for a code which will later be used to make purchases from your favorite online store. Giving a solution to people without bank cards hoping to purchase something online.

How does Cash2Pay work?

The process is very simple. On that ecommerce store, shoppers can choose the Cash2Pay payment option, and will then download an invoice in which they need to take to one of the 250,00 transaction points that Cash2Pay has. In those points, all they have to do is to pay that amount in cash to the clerk and then they can receive a code with which they can make the purchase online. 

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