Online payments and developing countries

Cashless payments are used quite often nowadays. Everyone knows the risks of paying in cash and by now, we all know how it’s easier to work without cash payments. E-wallets have also gained popularity in the last decades and continue to do so as people are getting adjusted to using them. From public transport to […]

International students and the challenges they face

No matter where you come from, being a student is a challenge. The amount of stress and anxiety a student faces may be concerning at times, but being an international student is even more concerning.  There is a difference between when you’re studying in your home country and when you’re in an environment that you’re […]

Why we should strive for a cashless society

As the years go by, we’re moving towards a world where cash has no value. New solutions are being brought up everyday and people are slowly adapting to the new ways. Over the years, transactions took a turn and went towards being cashless. Think about it, when was the last time you paid the bus […]