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To ensure the quality of the transactions, Gate2Pay looks for local partners to be the front interface with local e-Wallets. By doing so, clients can benefit from fast payments , local currency benefits and under a regulated and safe coverage.

What is Gate2Pay?

Gate2Pay’s parent company, Live Card and Payment Services PTE LTD, spent more than a decade experimenting and finding the best and easiest payment methods. With a focus on availability and accessibility. As a result, Gate2Pay came to be. This new startup is a solution for the international education sector and covers the requirements and needs of parents, students, schools, and teachers who are using e-Wallets anywhere in the world. We provide an alternative and cheaper method for parents that are trying to have their children study abroad. Our services can also benefit teachers and schools  by providing them a transparent and safe method for payments.

How does Gate2Pay work?

We partner up with local e-Wallets in the countries where the students study in, that way students can easily sign up for those local e-Wallets or buy prepaid cards from any convenience stors and activate them using the e-Wallet mobile apps. Parents back home are able to top up those e-Wallets using their own local e-Wallets wherever they live . 

As for schools, we will collect their invoices from the parents back home using local currencies and settle the payment with the schools in their preferred way. Teachers can also use our facilities to send money back home or manage their payments back home or where they live. 

The process is simple and we are trying to keep things as easy as is and allow people to use the channels they use to work with .

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